Know the real estate market

Know the real estate market

The seasonality of the real estate market is a concrete reality. Indeed, there are times in the year when the real estate sale regress or increase. More information : However, it turns out that the period before the start of the school year is the ideal time to sell your property. The return period shows every year a dynamism that contrasts sharply with the other quarters. Thus, between the 1st and 3rd quarter, we can see each year an increase in sales volume of about 15%.

Sell ​​a house or an apartment

The number of real estate transactions is steadily increasing in the spring. The most popular properties are homes that attract families, but also studios in which parents invest to help their children stay in school. The first reason for this success is the arrival of the beautiful days that motivate future buyers. And since natural light is an important criterion when trying to buy an apartment or a house, it is easier to achieve at this time of the year, when the sun is present. The other factor that boosts this period: the return to school. Parents want to move without impacting the schooling of their children. That’s why they prefer to move in the summer and start their research in April. A bit rushed by the calendar, this category of buyers does not generally seek to negotiate strongly. If you are considering selling your home or apartment, spring and early summer are the preferred times. Focus on plants both indoors and outdoors. Winter is a less busy season than spring in real estate, but sales are not yet frozen! However, you will have to adapt your arguments to the season. To seduce future buyers when temperatures are cold, we can highlight a cozy decor with warm colors and plaids. It’s also the perfect time to prove the efficiency of your heating system or chimney. The only exception to this is that winter will be the best time to sell a cottage or a house with a view of the mountains. The snow will be an invaluable argument to convince future buyers of the beauty of the landscape. you will have to adapt your arguments to the season.

Prepare your ad

If you want to sell without an agency, it is important to take advantage of seasonality early in the year. If you are looking to sell in August, prepare your ad in March. Do not make the mistake of waiting for the last days of the summer to interest you. This is all the more true as some prerequisites for sale may take time. For example, you will need to establish different diagnoses: you must then call in an expert and, if necessary, do some work. Take the time to tidy up, and if your property has been customized by you, consider using a staging specialist to help you maximize your potential. You can then wait for the first days of the summer to ask to estimate a property.

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