How to organize your wedding?

How to organize your wedding?

You have found the person with whom to spend the rest of your life and want to get involved. After the marriage proposal and the engagement, you finally chose the date of the wedding. You want to organize it in the rules of art to make it a unique and memorable day to celebrate your love. Discover :
If you have decided to organize it yourself with the help of a few friends and family, it is essential to get ahead of the day. In this way, you will have time to prepare everything, and this, in detail. The organization of a wedding is done in several stages: the elaboration of the list of the guests, the choice of the room … It is from these details that you will be able to raise your budget. It is also possible to use the budget to define the number of guests, the place of reception, the wedding dress, the cake …
To make sure that everything goes the way you want, it is recommended to use the service of a wedding planner. You will be more serin the day J. This professional will organize your wedding for you taking into account your desires and your preferences.

Choose your place of reception

The choice of reception venue does not seem to be complex. However, there are many details to take into account. In most cases, the wedding date can be changed depending on the availability of the place you have selected. More information :
To choose the room, you must first agree on the region where the celebration will take place. It is often a region to which you are attached as the place where you grew up or the city where you met. This choice must be made as soon as possible, because some places are very coveted. Some places are booked a year in advance.
If you do not have the time to go there for the tours, you can find your ceremonial place on the internet. Room directories are offered by agencies for this type of event. When making your selection, always consider the style of the place, your budget, your preferences … The important thing is to choose it together.
After the room, you have to find a caterer. This professional can take care of the whole menu and your wedding cake. To find the best, proceed to tastings.

Prepare the decoration of the room and table plan

Once you have found the room that suits you, choose the style of decoration you like. Themed ideas are proposed by agencies specializing in wedding preparations. However, you can choose your own theme, an original idea just for you. You can also search for proposals on the internet.
The development of the table plan is an important step. It is important to know how to place guests that a beautiful atmosphere prevails throughout the reception. The simplest is to make a plan of the room with top view and symbols relating to the tables. For table names, choose them according to your theme. Be aware that the layout of the tables is an important point in the decoration of the room. Since in a wedding every detail counts, tablecloths and napkins must be chosen with care. They must be in keeping with the overall decor. Other accessories can also help you to make a unique decoration. You can add nuggets or decorative pebbles here and there. The candlesticks are also very popular for their romantic side. Do not forget to call on a florist to beautify the room and the tables with pretty flowers.
If you want to put a good atmosphere on the day, engage professionals in animation and DJ.

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