Gastronomic visit in Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur

Gastronomic visit in Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur

The geographical and cultural diversity of the Provence Alpes Côtes d’Azur makes it a veritable mine of flavors. The culinary heritage of the region is particularly rich. The colors, the flavors and the smells are at the rendezvous for the pleasure of the taste buds. Discover more visit :
The French Rivera is a good destination for a gourmet visit. It has several gourmet businesses. Some of them open their doors for a tasting. To mark your visit, also take the time to learn the secrets of making the Shuttle or the Nougalette.
Know that you can discover the culinary wealth of this region in just 3 days during the festival of gastronomy that takes place every year. This event allows professionals to showcase their talents and know-how. Otherwise, you can take part in shared tours to discover the Provence Alpes Côtes d’Azur during a guided tour.

Wine tasting in Provence

Provence is one of the most famous places for wine. Some producers in the region have been working in the field for centuries. The region has a rich wine heritage that is the pride of its inhabitants. Discover :
Discover the greatest wineries in the region and enjoy a wine tasting. The grands crus are sometimes accompanied by toast of tapenades and anchoïades. The coasts of Provence, Coteaux of Aix-en-Provence, Coteaux Var in Provence or the wine of Bandol are among the best great wines. You will have the chance to taste them during a gastronomic visit in the region.
The wine route of Provence you will discover the vineyards and wineries of the region, but also the wines. These are known worldwide thanks to their freshness, their delicate aromas and their limpid dress. Among the various grands crus, rosé wines are the most appreciated in Provence. On the way you will find vineyards as far as the eye can see giving you a magnificent landscape that will make you want to visit them all.
Cooperative wineries and special estates will open their doors to you for a guided tour of their vineyard and taste their wine. Do not limit your visit to the tasting, take the initiative to buy the bottle that you like the most as a souvenir.

Gourmet walk and discovery of the specialties of Nice

To make your holidays even more exceptional, take into account the pleasures that the region of Nice offers. Discover the cuisine of Nice through the restaurants that offer the specialties of the region. You can even take cooking lessons to learn how to make Champsaur pies, a specialty that you can do again after you return home. The cuisine of Nice is tasty and makes you want to come back to the region just to rediscover the unique taste of local specialties.
A gourmet walk in Nice will introduce you to specialties such as:
socca: a cake made with chickpea flour. The cooking is done in a wood oven. This specialty is eaten with or without accompaniment.
the merda de Can: a rather original name since it means clearly dog ​​poop. It can be eaten as an accompaniment to other dishes and desserts.
the pie aux Blettes: one of the greatest specialties of the region. Once again, the sweet salty is in the spotlight with this typical Nice dish.
the zucchini flower donut: a specialty that smells of sunshine. The colors and the flowers offer a unique rendering. A classic, this dish is to eat individually. The typical restaurants of Nice often do.
You can discover more specialties by going there. Most restaurants highlight this typical aspect of gastronomy to attract tourists. During your visit to Nice, take the time to discover it by registering for a private tour.

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