buy a luxury yacht

Buy a luxury yacht

Why buy a luxury yacht? A luxury yacht is a motorboat over 15 meters designed to provide maximum comfort to its occupants, but not at the expense of beauty. These luxury yachts are mainly used for cruising, whether as an owner or charter, buying a luxury yacht is an act that needs to be thought through. As with any motor yacht, the luxury yacht can be constructed of steel, aluminum or composite. Renowned designers offer you luxury and relaxation, with sometimes amenities like Jacuzzi, sports club, theater, etc.The rooms present in the luxury yachts are composed of private bathrooms with sea view and individual toilet.

Price of a boat

The displayed price of a boat never corresponds to that of a boat ready to sail, it must be understood. In addition to the advertised price, the sailor will have to add the price of the safety equipment as well as that of a sailboat, those relating to delivery and towing … In the field of navigation, the boats are delivered with a pair of sails generally adequate In terms of safety, the owner must choose from the 3 degrees of available packs, depending on his program and the homologation of the boat: less than 2 miles from the coast, less than 6 miles offshore or abroad. Contact your asistance for yacht purchasing.

Luxury yachts insurance

These luxury yachts are mainly used for cruising, be it an owner or a rental, the purchase of a luxury yacht must be a well thought out act. Like any motor yacht, the luxury yacht can be used for coastal sailing, cruising, racing and regatta: the first thing to define is what you want to do with your boat. It is advisable to inquire about the insurance of your luxury yacht but also for the insurance of your crew.

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